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Life is a Fantasy

the question is- whose?

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I am (in no particular order) A radical unschooling mom, a witch, an artist,a writer, a dreamer, a wife, daughter, lover, friend, and fangirl!

I haven't been doing booklists anymore -if you wanna see what I'm reading go to Goodreads
(or check out my slash journal-;)- but warning homophobes need not apply!)

You can see what I'm listening to at any given moment at my Last.FM page ( although if it's listing weird 80's hair band type stuff- Lonnie's on the 'puter- I'm not responsible for that stuff! ;P)

Anything else ya wanna know just ask- I'm pretty friendly. I'm ursadiana on every IM client known to man, but I only ever have aim or gmail on so...:)

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